The Road Less Travelled: A series of portraits from a tribal village in India

“A photographer’s journey is endless. Its hard to satisfy the thirst of a wondering mind.”

Its 06:20 in the morning and I am in a remote village where my cell phone is no use and all I see the sun is rising. Here I came to shoot the “Lambada” tribes.

Sunrise in a Tribal Village

I sat there until the sun was up high on the sky then took a walk around the place and it looked like the whole place was beautifully crafted by the people living over there. The freshness of the first dew drops were enchanting. My friend accompanied me and he started explaining things as we went inside the village.  It took me a while to get a hold of it and start making conversations with them. Surprisingly the kids in the village speak broken english.

Lambadi Village Kids

It already 10 ‘o clock and we are hungry, looking for food and we came across a guy who sells juices extracted from sugar palm tree.

Palm Tree Juice Extractor

It was a nice break from our usual homemade breakfast. Now its time to go into the tribal village where the Lambadi tribes are residing. It took us a long time to locate the tribes as there was no google maps to guide us. Finally we found it, I was amazed by their welcoming nature.

Here I took my first shot…

Lambadi Tribal Women

Most of the women are from Rajasthan, they are called Banjaras.

While talking to them I got to know their sons and daughters have abandoned them and living with their family somewhere else in the city. Lambadis usually make their living by making handcrafted items and farming crops. So we went out to search more faces and found a couple of them…

Lambadi Women Portrait Lambadi Women Portrait

When we were sitting near the village god’s temple, there we found Laxmi with her grand children.
We shared a long talk with them…

Lambada Family

The kids in the village were fun, they were always trying to communicate. I found a group of children, they were removing skins of chicken legs and heads. They usually collect them from the local meat shop where the left overs are being thrown away.

Lambada Kids Lambada Kids 2

The old men are mostly farmers, they don’t do much hard works.

Lambada Old Men

The place was an amazing visit as it was a great experience for me all together.
Wish I had more time to spend with them, unfortunately I had to come back the same day later in the night.

Keep visiting the blog as I will be posting an interesting project soon within this month.
Till then, Keep Shooting…

Thank You for Visiting my blog.

Sourabh Paul


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