The Connection

Hyderabad, India. Its 15 past 12 in the night and I am listening to 5th symphony by Bethoven. Nice breeze, raining outside, suddenly I got a call from my friend who was coming back from Bangalore by train where she met this very poor family from Jharkhand who was also travelling to Hyderabad to get their one year old son operated. His name is Aman Raj, and this little kid had already been through a lot. When Aman was about a month old he was diagnosed with cataract and because of limited access to medical health care in Jharkhand the doctor suggested them to get him operated in Chennai. Aman’s farther Sahi Bajrang, worked in a grocery store for a mere salary of Rs.3000/ ($50) per month. It was a tough decision for him and his wife to take their son all the way to Chennai in a good hospital that was around 1700 km from their village. Bajrang and his wife decided on getting their son operated and be like every other normal kid. The operation would cost them around Rs.2,00,000 ($3287), so Bajrang took a loan and went to Chennai. There the doctors concluded on operating Aman when he was about 4 months old and another operation when he was 5 months old. Now he could only see properly if he wears spectacles of heavy power. Only when things were getting just fine, Aman was diagnosed with a hole in his heart and they had to take him to Bangalore to get the operation done. It was another financial hit for them. The family posted in the newspaper asking for a fundraising and they got some of the money through some kind donors. After a successful heart surgery in Bangalore the doctors made a test and found out some critical situation with Aman’s ears and the suggested the father to take him to Appolo Hospital, Hyderabad. Bajrang and his family from Jharkhand. My friend who was coming back from Bangalore took them to Appolo and I told her to inform me early in the morning when when she is taking them to the hospital because I was already hooked to the story and was eagerly waiting to meet them. I went to the hospital early in the morning and there got a chance to meet the family. We had a long talk and it was inspiring indeed how a grocery shop worker from a small village beats all the odds and made it this far to give his son a better future. Bajrang is talking to one of the hospital representatives. Amans father spoke with one of the hospital representative and took the appointment where the doctor will perform a basic check up and suggest them the necessary things to be done in the first place. Aman with his mother waiting for the doctors to call them. Aman with his mother waiting for the doctors to call them. We shared  some heartfelt conversation with the family while they were waiting for the doctors. The Complete family picture. Aman's mother is fixing his glasses. IMG_9449 After a long wait the doctors finally called them for a check up as everyone was nervous about the doctors verdict on their son. We also went inside along with them…. The doctors called them. IMG_9482 IMG_9483 The doctors did a through check up and suggested them some initial test there where suggested physician was out on lunch and they had to call her for an appointment. IMG_9516 The doctor came and performed the tests and told them the operation will cost them around  Rs. 700000 ($11507) and it will happen after a month only cause their son recently got his heart surgery done. That cost of operation is impossible for them to cover up. IMG_9514 IMG_9503 We saw the numbness in their eyes and it was beyond words. They went back by the same day and get prepared for the next big surgery otherwise Aman will go deaf for the rest of his life. So we have decided to help the family to get their son treated in a better medical care where they don’t have to worry about anything. We want to put up a big smile on their face after a month when they will come back for the surgery. My humble thanks to my dear friend Hema who helped me make it a reality. Lets make someones life a better place to live in, let us believe in humanity all over again, let us come together for a better society cause to do something good all you need to do is to take the first step.

If you want to help the family by contributing some amount please contact me via phone or email I will share the contact details of the family.
Overseas donors please donate via my Paypal ID:


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